FT Alphaville presents: the Contrarian Winklevii Index


Literal bitcoin bros the Winklevii have made a behavior over the previous 5 years of creating statements that concurrently make you query how they acquired into Harvard, and but additionally perceive how Zuck allegedly nicked the concept for Fb off them.

Who, for example, can overlook their assertion that bitcoin was a greater retailer of worth than gold as a result of Elon will finally mine an asteroid filled with the shiny stuff, resulting in a ruinous provide/demand imbalance?

However we’re unsure even that compares to this tweet from Cameron Winklevoss on Wednesday about yet one more topic that each bitcoin bro is out of the blue an knowledgeable on: inflation.

Ouch certainly.

If Cameron is correct, inflation is working sizzling sizzling sizzling. Overlook ShadowStats or The Chapwood Index, we’re on the right track for a brand new Weimar Republic. Wheelbarrows on the prepared.

Given this alarming discovery we thought, why not create an index so this specific Winklevii can observe the tumultuous path of inflation since Greenback Tree’s founding all the best way again in 1986?

Might we current to you, the Contrarian Winklevii Index:

If you happen to’re excited by licensing this proprietary information please contact an FT Alphaville group member for full particulars. There shall be a 25 per cent value rise from Monday to account for inflation, so get it when you can.

Hat tip: Joe Weisenthal.

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